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Cricket News Malayalam – New Delhi: Things are changing in cricket, from mankading to spitting the ball. The new changes were brought forward by the Marleybone Cricket Club (MCC) committee, which has the power to review the laws of cricket. It is reported that the demolition will take effect after October of this year. Let’s check what are the new changes and rules in cricket.

Mankading is when the batter leaves the crease on the non-striker side before the bowlers. Ravichandran Ashwin’s dismissal of Jos Buttler in the Indian Premier League (IPL) sparked a huge controversy. The general criticism was that Mankading did not deserve the dignity of cricket. An important change has taken place in Mankading. Mankading is then included in the run. The main thing is that after the new change, the bias on the side of the non-striker should pay more attention.

Cricket News Malayalam

Cricket News Malayalam

From time to time, the players would spit on the ball to make it shine and swing. As the spread of Covid worsened, the ICC banned it. However, the MCC investigation found that there is no significant change in the ball due to the addition of saliva or sweat. The use of spitting will henceforth be considered an unfair method of changing the position of the ball.

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Under the new rule, if the batsman is caught and dismissed, the player coming to flight faces the next ball. So far, if the batsmen have passed before catching the fielder, the player on the non-striker’s side faces the next ball. If he is out on the last ball, the new player then comes to the side of the one who did not attack.

If the fielder tries to finish the batter at the striker’s end before the bowlers, it is also a dead ball. This is something that happens very rarely. Until now, such balls were considered balls.

The width is determined by the position of the batsman when the bowler walks towards the bowl. Now many batsmen change their position as soon as the bowler starts to bowl. It can also cause confusion among the bowlers. Due to the change in the batter’s position, the bowlers have to give way unnecessarily.

The ball often goes outside the bowlers when it is not in the hands of the bowlers. He can face the batter from the designated area inside the field. If it has to go out of bounds, the umpire can call a dead ball. Balls that force the fielder out of bounds are not balls.

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