Essay On Cricket In Hindi

Essay On Trisket Ya Hindi – Ranji (Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, Maharaja Jam Sahib of Navnagar) was India’s first great player. He played for England 1896-1902, and was an officer in the British Army in World War I.

Cricket is a popular game with a long history. It was invented in England in the 16th century, but it was long before modern rules were used.

Essay On Cricket In Hindi

Essay On Cricket In Hindi

It is played between two teams of eleven players. One team, hitting, tries to score runs while the other team, batting, tries to prevent them from doing so. Runs are scored by hitting the ball, either by a player from the batting team to a player from the batting team, over the boundary or by two batsmen back and forth between two players. .

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The wickets are a set of three small, wooden posts at each end of a rectangle of short grass called a ‘pitch’, which is 22 yards long. The field is a large area of ​​grass inside called the playing field. The pitch is a 30-yard circle inside a cricket ground or stadium.

The home team can try to get the batsmen out in a number of ways. When a player is out, a team will replace him on the field. When a team has no more than two players “not out” to score, the other team has a chance to try to score. In short games of cricket, a team can stop batting when the ball has bowled a certain number of times to its players. After both teams have had enough scoring opportunities, the team with the most runs wins.

The game began to gain popularity in England in the 10th century. The earliest specific reference to the sport is in the court of 1598.

Guildford Crown Court heard of John Derrick, coroner, that fifty years ago, “he and his various friends used to run and play cricket [on the common ground]”.

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Today, it is a popular game in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies and many other countries like Afghanistan, Ireland, Kenya, Scotland, the Netherlands and Zimbabwe.

There are two teams: Team bowling has 11 players on the court. A batting team consists of two players, one at each end of the field (sometimes called a wicket).

The captain of the batting team selects a batsman from his team. The other players are called “fielders”.

Essay On Cricket In Hindi

The batsman tries to defend the wicket from the ball. He does it with a bat. When he hits the ball with his bat, he can go for another wicket.

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When one batsman goes out, another one comes in to take his place. An innings ends with ten wickets (ie ten out of eleven players are out). After that, the team that was the “light” team becomes the “hit” team. Now they have to score more runs than other teams. If they score more runs before taking 10 wickets, they win. If they don’t, the other team wins.

In ODIs, each side has one innings and the innings is limited to a specific over. In the longest format, each side has two innings and there is no fixed limit to the number of overs in an innings.

Countries where cricket is more popular have international competitions (matches between countries) lasting up to five days, called test matches. These countries are England, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The West Indies are a group of Caribbean nations that play together as a team. Some other countries have a younger regime. The idea of ​​the test match was invented by teams from England and Australia in the 19th century. Ireland and Afghanistan are the new teams to play Test cricket.

Cricket is also played in Kenya, Canada, Bermuda, Scotland, the Netherlands and Namibia. The national teams of these countries can play one-day internationals, but do not play test matches.

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A typical cricket field, the outfield (brown), the near field (light green) at 15 yards (13.7 m), the infield (middle green) inside the 30 yard (27.4 m) white circle. ) and the outer (black) green), with projection screens across the range at each end.

A cricket ground is where cricket is played. It is a round or oval shaped lawn. There are no fixed dimensions for the region. Its diameter typically ranges from 450 feet (137 m) to 500 feet (152 m).

Test matches are the best international matches between nations. The main point of Test cricket is to test young players. Countries allowed to play Test matches are accredited by the ICC: the International Cricket Council. Twelve countries are listed below, with “West Indies” and “England” counted as country for this purpose. Tests last up to five days (which is why many call them “5-day cricket”) and can still end in a draw: it is the longest form of cricket.

Essay On Cricket In Hindi

They are called counties in England and states in Australia and islands in the West Indies. These are usually four-day games, but are sometimes played over three days.

Essay On Trisket Ya Hindi

View of the cricket field from the batsman’s end. The batsman goes from one side of the wicket to the bowler’s end, either over the wicket or around the wicket.

In these games, the length is determined by the number of overs, and each side has only one innings. A special formula known as the “Duckworth-Lewis System (DLS)” is applied if rain reduces playing time. Calculates the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs match due to weather or other conditions.

In ODIs, each team is usually limited to 50 overs and each batsman can bowl up to 10 overs. England’s highest score is 481-6 against Australia on 19 June 2018.

T20 cricket has 20 overs for each team and each batsman can bowl up to 4 overs compared to 10 overs in ODIs. The team’s highest score is 263/5 by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) against Pune Warriors India (PWI) in the 2013 IPL season. The best individual score in the same match is 175* off 69 balls by Chris Gayle for RCB. & Games History & Society Science & Technology Biographies Animals & Nature Geography & Travel Arts & Culture Money Videos

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Essay On Cricket In Hindi

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It is believed that cricket may have started as early as the 13th century as a game in which boys hit a ball against a tree stump or a barrier gate in a sheep pen.

The first test match was played in Melbourne between Australia and England in 1877, which was won by Australia. When Australia won again in 1882 at London’s Kennington Oval

English Cricket printed a burn notice and announced that the Ashes would be flown to Australia, thus creating an ‘Ashes match’.

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The Women’s International Cricket Council was founded in 1958 by Australia, England, the Netherlands, New Zealand and South Africa and later included India, Denmark and several West Indies.

Cricket is played with a ball and a ball and two competing teams (teams) consisting of 11 players. Since there are 11 players in a team and two of them must be batsmen and wicketkeepers, only 9 other positions can be occupied at a time.

Cricket, England’s national summer game, is now played around the world, particularly in Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies and the British Isles.

Essay On Cricket In Hindi

Cricket is played with a ball and a ball and two competing teams (teams) consisting of 11 players. The field is oval in shape with a rectangular area in the middle, known as the infield, which is 22 yards (20.12 m) by 10 feet (3.04 m) wide. Two sets of three sticks, called wickets, are placed on the ground at each end of the pitch. At the top of each port are horizontal pieces called bulls. The sides alternate in batting and bowling (pitching). Each inning is called “innings” (always plural). The sides have one or two innings each, depending on the predetermined length of the game, with the aim of scoring as many runs as possible. from

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