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Live Exchanger – Our Kenics™ static mixing technology, available exclusively in our Kenics heat exchangers, provides the highest coefficients available for fast, even heat transfer. Capable of operating reliably in a wide range of process applications, including those in the polymers, plastics and food and beverage industries, our Kenics heat exchangers require less space, less energy and less residence time than standard models.

Our Kenics heat exchanger consists of a continuous row of static mixing elements inside each heat exchanger tube. Fluid flow is directed radially to the pipe walls and back to the element regardless of velocity. In addition, momentum reversal and flow splitting also contribute to mixing efficiency. All processed materials are continuously and thoroughly mixed to eliminate radial gradients in temperature, velocity, and material composition. As a result, our Kenics heat exchangers provide predictable, controlled mixing and the most efficient form of heat transfer available today.

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By using our Kenics static mixing elements in each heat exchanger tube, film buildup typically associated with laminar flow hollow tubes is significantly reduced. Process fluid is continuously pushed from the center of each tube outward and inward, eliminating thermal gradients and increasing the internal film coefficient.

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Kenics static mixing elements produce a more uniform and consistent transfer process with three to seven times higher heat transfer rates than hollow tubes alone. Other features include the following:

Kenics static mixing elements are oven bonded to pipe walls. The improved surface and resulting internal finning effect increases mixing action to dramatically increase transfer rates. Removable elements are also available for applications requiring periodic cleaning during product changes.

Our Kenics heat exchangers are custom made to our customer’s specifications. We can provide units designed to ASME code and TEMA requirements using state-of-the-art design tools for engineering and manufacturing design. We understand that our heat exchangers are often critical components in our customers’ processes and that design and quality are critical. Beyond our expertise in process design and mechanical design, we take great pride in the products produced by our experienced and certified welders. Our designs range from low pressure to over 5,000 psi, and our design methods are backed by over 40 years of installations. Home > Products > Processing Tools > Flange Coating Machines > Using Flange Coating Machine to Refurbish Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

When it comes time to overhaul a shell and tube heat exchanger, a flange machine is an indispensable machine tool.

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Shell and tube heat exchangers are one of many types used in industrial process systems. They are designed for high pressure applications such as those in petroleum refineries and chemical processing systems. But the temperatures and substances they withstand mean they are prone to corrosion and mineral buildup.

The result is less efficient heat transfer, contamination and, in extreme cases, the release of harmful gases. This is why a preventive maintenance program is essential.

Simply put, the cleaning process is the removal of corrosion and mineral deposits. This is normally achieved using a combination of rods, hydraulic blasting and descaling.

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Methods of cleaning shell and tube heat exchangers could be explained in detail in a separate article. But for now let’s focus on the treatment.

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After cleaning, it is important to ensure that the sealing faces of the tube bundle end plate are in good condition. Any sign of corrosion, scratches or deformation will compromise the integrity of the flange gasket. To avoid this, the front and rear sealing faces of the flange should be machined to the base metal.

Flange coating machines are available in many different sizes. They are mainly used for machining flanges on pipelines in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. But the larger models are also used to process the flanges of heat exchangers.

The answer is to use a heat exchanger mounting kit. These kits operate using bolts and expansion switches that fit inside the heat exchanger tubes. But despite the fact that this method has been tried and tested for many years, some people are hesitant to do it. This is due to the “perceived” risk of damage to the interior of the tubes.

This type of flange cutter clamps the outside diameter of the flange using adjustable jaws (legs). Sizes vary, with small machines designed to be mounted on 200mm (8″) diameter flanges and larger models for diameters up to 2000mm (80″).

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New to the market in 2020 is a new range of externally mounted flange coating machines. They are mainly intended for machining the flanges of heat exchangers from 760 mm in diameter up to 2000 mm.

The end plate of some heat exchangers includes slots. Their purpose is to seal against a metal plate that separates the interior into different pieces. Splitting slots are also prone to corrosion and may also require machining back to the base metal. This is done using a milling rail, such as an LMR2000 portable milling machine, mounted on a gantry frame. The images below show examples of in situ milling rails.

The new Mirage/Enerpac flange coating machines include an innovative and convenient feature that allows the user to switch from a facing operation to a milling operation. Since the main body of the machine is still mounted on the flange, the front arm can be quickly replaced by a milling rail. Consequently, this avoids having to dismantle the clamped machine and then build a gate around the exchanger! Unlike our competitors who simply resell gaskets, WCR manufactures OEM-specified heat exchanger gaskets in-house. As a source, we can provide any gasket design/material combination you require. Each of our durable replacement seals undergoes meticulous quality control, ensuring that each part is reliable and built to last. In fact, we work closely with the world’s leading suppliers of rubber raw materials to ensure the highest quality right from the start.

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Durability Although all seals have a limited lifespan, WCR manufactures ours to the highest standards to ensure they last.

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Chemically resistant polymers and additives affect the chemicals a rubber material can resist. WCR combines rubberized materials for optimal performance.

Food-Safe WCR strictly follows all FDA recommendations, which govern the type and amount of rubber additives that may be used in our gaskets.

WCR manufactures and stocks OEM quality plates and gaskets for all makes and models of plate heat exchangers. Simply choose your brand of heat exchanger and order from the largest inventory in North America.

Interested in viewing data sheets for standard WCR heat exchanger models as well as our replacement gaskets? Visit our resource library and download the information you need.

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We understand that your business doesn’t have time to stand still. Please fill out this short form and we will get back to you quickly. You can also use our live chat box in the corner of your screen or call 1-800-421-4927. provides advanced process systems, equipment and components to the process industry in the Nordic and Baltic region.

We have built a diverse portfolio of key equipment for the life sciences, biotechnology, chemical and food industries.

We offer individual components for large equipment. This allows us to promote, support and maintain complete systems with connecting rebar.

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Our specialists are always there to help you with all aspects – spare parts, rental, local service, repairs, upgrades or upgrading your equipment. Al163862 New Evaporator & Heat Exchanger Fits John Deere 6120 6220 632.

Today, we offer all major equipment, from small scale production to industrial production. We can be your partner in building your complete process.

We can help you with state-of-the-art process solutions to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability. We create a solution with an understanding of the processes.

We have built a diverse portfolio of advanced process equipment for the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, chemical, bioprocess, fuels and polymers, hydrometallurgy, and food and beverage industries.

Our product portfolio is designed in such a way that we can provide full service and troubleshooting support to make your process development as smooth as possible. We understand the practical needs of the process and can provide services to meet your quality and regulatory requirements. If system performance is out of specification or abnormal, you can rely on active onsite support to identify and resolve issues.

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When deciding which processing equipment to use, we always recommend performing tests to evaluate the technology, as well as to discover the capabilities and needs for design changes in the system. At , we have several cars for rent to test on your site. Most of our suppliers provide professional test centers where the customer has the option to send a sample or even participate in the test for all kinds of products and requirements.

It’s also important to make sure how to perform and re-adjust equipment to maximize results when your process calls for it. provides on-site training as well as internal training.

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