Product Hunting


We will provide a niche product with high demand and low competition for your Amazon business.

You might be asking:

“How can we be sure that we can provide a winning product that can make more than 10,000US$/month?”


We do our researches based on numbers and statistics. None of our results and decisions are made by emotions or gut feelings. We do detailed analyses with results that are well thought through.

Our Research includes:

Detailed in-depth report (about 20+ pages):

  • Product Choice based on Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Industry & Niche Analysis
  • Determination of Market Volume and Success-Chances
  • Trends & Forecasts
  • Potential Revenue Calculation
  • List of Suitable Suppliers
  • 50+ high relevant keywords

All results will come with links to the source.
Our researched product will have the potential to grow a business with a revenue stream of more than 10,000US$ each month. Please consider that your marketing and promotion strategy needs to be well planned as well to scale it up to 10,000US$ or more per month.